On this website you can upload recordings of birdsong, listen to recordings and identify birds you hear.  You can record birdsong on a mobile phone or you may have a specialist recording device.

Here we suggest how you can start to use the site, where you can find out more information and ways to practise your skills. 

1 Find our user guides


You can find lots of "How To" articles on the Learn tab under User Guides.

View user guides

2 Learn about birdsong


If you are new to birds, you can learn about them in the Bird Guide on the Learn tab.

Learn about birdsong

3 Create your account


Before you can use the Upload and Identify areas of the site you need to have an account. 


4 Try a quiz


Try out one of our quizzes - you could start with the common species. 

Test yourself

5 Explore the Identify page


Navigate to Contribute > Identify.  You can see a few statistics and the different classify options.


6 Have a go at classifying


From the Contribute > Identify page choose Classify All and listen to some birdsong recordings.

How to classify

7 Make a recording


On the Record page you can use your mobile phone to record around 30 seconds of birdsong.

Record page

8 Record outside website


Record using an app on your phone or other recording device.

How to record on smartphone

8 Upload your recording


Use our Upload page on the Contribute tab to create a new site and upload your recording.

How to upload a recording